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Vin de France
100 % Muscat
The vines are planted on sandy soil that is very permeable to water and air, allowing water to infiltrate very easily so that the vines can be watered quickly.


The grapes are harvested mechanically, which allows them to be picked at an excellent maturity.
The grapes are completely destemmed. The harvest is pressed as soon as it arrives at the winery. The settling is done by cold decantation for 24 to 48 hours. Fermentation temperatures are very carefully controlled in order to obtain a fresh and fruity wine.
Aged in stainless steel vats without malolactic fermentation. The wine is bottled in early spring.
White flowers, apricot, white peaches. Powerful and elegant aromatic intensity.
Freshness, roundness, richness and fatness in the mouth. Assertive expression of the terroir. Very great finesse and freshness.
Pale golden yellow colour, brilliant and very clear.
Accords mets / vin
Aperitif (plain), Foie gras, fruity dessert ...

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