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Warm oysters with white wine

Préparation time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 5 à 8 minutes

Ingredients :

Fresh oysters

White wine



Fresh cream


Grated cheese


  • Open the oysters and discard the water; the oysters will regain their water content, only less salty.
  • Fry a finely sliced shallot in a little butter.
  • Add white wine (½ glass) when shallot turns translucent
  • Reduce by half, until the shallots are cooked
  • Add a little crème fraîche
  • Season with pepper, but do not add salt (oysters are naturally iodized).
  • Open the oysters
  • Pour this mixture over them
  • Sprinkle with grated cheese and place under the grill at 180° C / 350 ° F on revolving heat mode for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the size of the oysters.
  • Remove from the oven when the cheese has melted and begun to crisp.
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Publié le : 18/12/2023
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