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Foie gras in salt

Préparation time: 30 minutes Start recipe 4 days before serving


Fresh duck foie gras (approx. 400-500 g)

Approx. 2 kg coarse salt


4 spices


  • Gently remove the nerves from the liver (at room temperature)
  • Put salt in a tin
  • Place liver on top
  • Cover with salt
  • Refrigerate for 5 or 6 hours
  • Remove liver from salt
  • Remove excess with a fine cloth
  • Pepper generously and sprinkle with 4 spices according to taste
  • Wrap the seasoned liver in several layers of cling film into a tight sausage shape
  • Place in a cool place (4 to 5°) for 3 days.
  • Your liver is ready to eat
  • Remove cling film, slice liver
  • Serve with a slice of toasted farmhouse bread, a spoonful of fig jam and/or a spoonful of onion jam or Domaine red grape jelly.

Tip: Liver keeps well in the freezer

foie gras (6)

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Publié le : 20/12/2023
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