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Rabbit in mustard wrappers

For 6 people

Preparation time : 20 minutes Cooking Time : 45 minutes

Ingredients :

A 1.250-kg rabbit

100 grammes of strong mustard

6 teaspoons of Porto

6 sprigs of thyme

6 sprigs of rosemary

6 bay leaves

salt, pepper

Recipe :

  • Cut the rabbit into 6 pieces. Do disarticulate it cautiously to avoid any sharp splinter.
  • Prepare 6 squares of parchment paper in which to wrap each piece of rabbit.
  • Place a bay leaf, a pinch of salt and a twist of pepper on each square.
  • Generously brush the rabbit portions with mustard. Place them on bay leaves.
  • Roll up the edges of each square of parchment paper to form some kind of wrap.
  • Drizzle each piece of rabbit with a spoonful of port, then add a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Finish up your recipe with a sprig of thyme and another of rosemary.
  • Close the papillotes tightly. Bake in a medium oven at 180° C (thermostat 5) for 45 minutes.

Pairing :

We personnally like to serve this rabbit recipe along with gratin dauphinois and roasted sweet potatoes, topped with delicious gravy.

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Here, we suggest this Easter dish with our Cuvée Éclat du Soleil or our Côtes-du-Rhône villages Puyméras.

Publié le : 28/03/2024
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