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Potatoes with truffle butter and brandade with truffle oil

On the days after New Year's Eve, our hearts usually remain festive, but our heads advise to go for lighter dishes and less tedious preparations.

Here are two quick and easy recipes, which we really enjoy at the estate. They have been adapted here by our partner Coco from Youpi Tours, who works exwclusively with Christian Allègre and Jacques Baldy for truffles (Richerenches).

For 6 people

Potatoes and truffle butter:


1 fresh truffle - Tuber Melanosporum

250 grams of semi-salted traditional butter

As far as the potatoes are concerned you may either go with garden « Ratte », a very firm variety. Or quite contrarily, choose  tender potatoes for gourmet truffled mashed potatoes.


  • Select a pack of high-quality semi-salted butter
  • Allow to soften at room temperature
  • Using a fork, mash the butter in a shallow dish until you obtain a very soft pomade
  • Grate the whole truffle onto the butter using a hand grater
  • Using a soft rubber spatula, blend the truffle into the butter until you obtain a nicely colored pomade

Tip: cutting the butter into small pieces beforehand will help soften it faster and will make it easier to work

  • Brush the potatoes clean
  • Cook in slightly salted water
  • Take them out at the last minute - still steaming - and then spread them with the precious truffle pomade

Such recipe will be just delightful with either our Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Puyméras or our cru AOP Vinsobres wines

1. recette beurre truffe et brandade coco aujogues 8
2. recette photo coco beurre truffe et brandade coco aujogues 4

Brandade with truffled oil:


400 grams of cod fish puree (brandade de morue)

Quality truffle oil (from Richerenches)


  • This is not a recipe so to speak but rather a simple seasoning of the famous brandade.
  • To be served either on bread slices or vegetable toast.

This brandade will do wonders with our Viognier cuvée.

Publié le : 03/01/2024
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