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Green fertilisers

The harvest is over, and judging by the quality of the grapes, we can already tell you that tasting them at our open house in June will be well worth it!

But before that, it's time to work on the vines before winter. As you know, we've been using 'green manure' for several years now. This term comes from the fact that just after the harvest we sow various cereals and legumes between the rows.

In the spring, these plants naturally enrich the soil with all the minerals the vine needs to produce the best grapes, so that you can enjoy the wine you love so much.

We select the seeds on the basis of soil sample analyses. For example, vetch will add nitrogen to a soil lacking in nitrogen, and faba beans will supplement the vines' phosphorus needs.

As well as providing minerals, the seeds will have a mechanical action. Planting radishes will decompact the soil, aerating it as an earthworm would.

Oats, meanwhile, will be an essential ally on long, hot summer days, because when they lie down they help to keep the soil moist, thereby limiting the suffering caused by lack of water. These are just a few examples of how we use our seeds.

The next stages in the work on the vines will be pruning at the beginning of the year and replacing any missing shoots.

See you soon

Publié le : 24/11/2022
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