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2023 harvest: a promising crop

Every year, as summer gives way to autumn, it's with deep emotion that I prepare to welcome the harvest to our wine estate, nestled at the majestic foot of Mont Ventoux, my haven of peace. I'm Amélie Sauvayre, winemaker and winemaker's daughter, and I'd like to share with you the story of our 2023 harvest, a year that promises to be full of promise.

Weather and climate

Harvesting is a delicate dance with the weather. In 2023, Nature has smiled on us. Sun and rain joined hands to provide our vines with ideal conditions. Every day, I felt the warmth of the sun and the caress of the Mistral, the wind that sculpts our grapes and gives them their unique character.

The date of the harvest

The white grapes were the first to be picked in mid-September, while the reds took the time to ripen until the end of September. Each grape variety has its own symphony to play, and we winemakers are the conductors who decide when that symphony is at its peak.

Work in the vineyards

Harvesting is a labour of love. Every morning, with our dedicated team, we go deep into the rows of vines. Our hands caress the sun-drenched bunches, and each grape is picked with infinite tenderness. It's a symphony of colours and flavours that plays out between the rows, a tribute to this generous land.

The Importance of Quality

Quality is our mantra. Every bunch is scrutinised, every grape is pampered. We leave no room for guesswork. It's this demand that gives rise to exceptional wines that tell the story of our terroir, our history and the passing seasons.

The Harvest Celebration

At the end of each harvest day, friends, family and enthusiasts gather to celebrate. The meal shared under the stars, the first press singing, the laughter of tired pickers - it's all part of the magic of the harvest. It's a festival that warms the heart and seals our commitment to this age-old tradition.

Expectations for the wines of 2023

I'm looking forward to the wines of 2023. They will carry the sweetness of the sun, the breath of the Ventoux, and the hard work of an entire team. The whites promise floral and fruity notes, while the reds will reveal the power and complexity of our terroir. These are wines that are already being made in our cellars, and I can't wait to share them with the world.

In conclusion, the 2023 harvest is yet another chapter in the history of our estate, a chapter filled with hope and passion. As a winemaker from the Vaucluse, I feel honoured to be part of this great tradition and to help perpetuate the beauty of our land. So I invite you to raise your glass with me, to celebrate the harvest, and to savour the magic of the grape harvest in our beloved Vaucluse.

Publié le : 29/09/2023
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